Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Selected Sound 9079- Kinderland

Selected Sound 9045- Kinderland
Gary Pacific & His Music/Harald Winkler & His Music

1. Sunny Day Man
2. Friends Of Penguin
3. Kinderland
4. Travelling On A Cloud
5. Dance Of Marionettes
6. Fairy-Tale
7. Funny Chase
8. Ringle Dance
9. Time Of Dreams
10. Adventurous World & Little Rich Boy
11. Bug In A Rug
12. Moon-Princess



SonDu said...

litlgrey said...

Thanks so much once again for both of these SS's !

SonDu said...


No prob my man, you're welcome.

tripmaster said...

indeed, thank you for sharing these gems!

aceha1 said...

Thanks a Whole lot man.. great stuff, great taste!!

Mr. said...

sweet yo. thnx

timbo said...

Thanks a lot. Anyone happen to have Mladen "Bobby" Gutesha's "Transit International"? I'd be very happy.

Tommy said...

Great as always.
Thank you again

Jbw said...


Morbus said...

Great, before discovering this, i wasted almost a month on Soulseek by begging some cocky score collectors to let me download it from them... -_-

Well, my search is over, thanks to you!! :D

litlgrey said...

You would have been able to get it from me reliably... assuming you could have gotten my list up. Not all users can.