Friday, November 6, 2009

Selected Sound 9066 Magic Colors

Selected Sound 9066 Magic Colors- Gerhard Trede Selection & Flute De Pan

A1 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Magic Colors 3:45
A2 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Albatros 3:54
A3 Flûte De Pan  -  Hombres 2:38
A4 Flûte De Pan  -  Ballad For An Indio 4:19
A5 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Duel In Violet 3:07
A6 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Signet Ring 0:34
B1 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Duel In Violet (Version II) 4:00
B2 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Fatamorgana 3:10
B3 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Perspective 4:04
B4 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Silver Lining 2:45
B5 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Yellow Balloon 2:27
B6 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Roulette 2:21


SonDu said...


tripmaster said...

yes!!! glad to see you're back! been fiendin for too long without my library fix...thanks for sharing!

litlgrey said...

You've done it again, man!

el_topo said...

Thanks man!

skyrock said...

Welcome Back Bro

Vinyl Room said...

Thanking You


aceha1 said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaaaaack...

Dirkson said...

And.... yer back.


Spice said...

Lovely work, thanks for sharing!

Majus said...

Good to have you back, my man. Thanks for the groovy goodness.

arty said...

big thanks for so rarest stuffs!!!
maby you haave
Zbig Gorny Orchestra
- Pop Pulsation I
(1979) Selected Sound (Germany) ESL 139 LP
- Pop Pulsation II
(1980) Selected Sound (Germany) ESL 143 LP
- Match-Ball
(1981) Selected Sound (Germany) ESL 9086 LP
- Funky Eyes
(1982) Selected Sound (Germany) LC 2292 LP

Zoo said...

Thanks for all these Selected Sound posts. Many, i haven't heard before. Gonna be a pleasent listening tonite!


I have one Selected Sound post in my blog if you wanna check it out?

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on the flac issue man, Peace and great blog as usual...

iggy said...

Thanks so much SonDu. I'm with you all the way about MP3 vs flac. Can't wait to enjoy your music. Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Cheers man, I appreciate your time and effort for sharing all these great music.