Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick Rant

Hey folks,  just need to get something off my chest really quick.

Is it really that hard to upload in high quality mp3 format to a site that doesn't make you jump through hoops to download?  Can we please put rapidshare to rest, along with all of this lossless, .cue, .bin, 240mb .flac file bullshit? 

While I do realize that there are some among us that feel some elitist sense of pride by using some obscure, little-used format in the same way that Emo kids don't realize being different for the sake of being different is just as "phony" as the cool kids they like to make fun of, I have to say its a pain in the ass to spend time searching and downloading only to find out I can't use the files.

And yes, I know .flac isn't that obscure a format, but vs. mp3 or even .wav files it is, and the meager quality increase over mp3 isn't worth having to search for an hour for a  program to burn the damn files only to realize you can't on a Mac unless you get a translator, THEN have to truncate all the  individual song files, tag them, etc.

If I have offended you, please multiply the feeling times 10 and stop with the bullshit.

The End

That said, I've got some more SS nuggets coming up in the next week so stay tuned...



litlgrey said...

How dare you offer magnificent Selected Sound nuggets knowing full well I might have to download them and enjoy them and be thankful! Arrgh! The arrogance!

I might just have to launch a new campaign to JUST SAY NO to satisfaction.

devan said...

I agree, Well Said! I'll take those rare juicy SS nuggets in any form, any day of the week!
You are doing a great public service!


tripmaster said...

amen to that! i've been there brother...if i may share some of the fruits of my frustration, i've found VLC media player to be great at playing just about any format, along with XLD for converting lossless formats into mp3...

and i third the previous two comments re: Selected Sound. eager beaver to hear what you have in store for us! thanks!

karl said...

That's right.

Pleaese keep'em coming, the SS!

Jimmy said...

AMEN to ban CRAPIDSHARE and all these other useless file hosters!! Glad someone sees things my way for once!

God knows why all these people use irritates the hell out of me too. It's almost like they're wanting you to not download it!

And while were at it..why cant we ban this captcha bullshit just to send a post through!

Anonymous said...

voila qui est dit !bravo,

Harmonix said...

I agree with your sentiments for the most part, but there are plenty of ways to handle FLAC files on a Mac. First, as tripmaster mentioned, XLD is great for using cue files to split flac image files into separate files, converting them to .mp3, aac, ogg, etc..

Also, I'm pretty sure that either SimplyBurns, Burn or Liquid CD should support straight burning of FLAC files.

Musorg can be used to correct tags on FLAC files. A lot of folks don't know that you have to correct the tags on flac files just like you have to on mp3's or just don't know how. Another option is the program Tag from

Lastly, I'd like to say that I LOVE FLAC. It's the same quality as the original recording (not compressed like mp3's) and not as large as wav files (but, as you already know, considerably larger than mp3s). My thing is, if I can't OWN a cd, a good flac rip is the next best thing. It's basically like owning the disc. Although the sound of mp3's can get quite close to the original, I feel somewhat secure know that I have a lossless copy on file.

But, in closing, I'm quite happy with whatever format you upload your files in. It's your blog and folks should just be happy that you're doing this. Period. The anonymity of the internet allows people to be ungrateful basterds sometimes.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about?? i have a rapidshare account as most of my friends do, and i love flac!! you can make your own lossy mp3s from flac but i'm not sure about the other way around..

nowadays hard drives are super cheap and file size is not a problem anymore, so why would you want lossy files? i'm sorry if you can't hear the difference, you are probably listening on a poor system..

and as for rapidshare: come on.. you can use it to download any damn tv show or movie every day, the cost is really super justified.. i'm sure you spend that kind of money from time to time to buy much more useless objects.

and most of all: stop whining, everybody has different needs and not all of us are made like you.

Morbus said...

I totally agree with this. I had my phase too where it has almost become a neurotic tick to own an Album as FLAC or at least a mp3 file with 320kbps or not to own it at all. It's bullshit! Neurosis i say!! :)

Anonymous said...

next week ...?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why there are so many negative comments regarding Rapidshare?

I take it all those people that hate Rapidshare don't have premium accounts, therefore they expect to have fast download speeds for free, my God, those files are free of charge, so surely one can pay for an account if it lets you download from a faster server than not having an account set up at all.

I suppose many people have their favs when it comes to file holders services, but I for one have no problems with RS, and hope that the comments on here don't put newbies off setting up an account for such.

Anonymous said...

rapid shit et flac de merde !
that all ...
c'est ca ,branlez vous avec votre compte premium bande de batards.
rapidshare est le plus casse couille de toot les serveurs,voila pouquoi on ne l'aime pas, je peu rien telecharger le week end,et rien en semaine entre 16h et 23h.
et puis quoi ...ils veulent que je les sucent aussi?

REEF said...

i think im gonna cry, that was beautiful...

Spice said...

Whatever you do, we'll still follow.

Your blog is dope, generous and full of dusty gems. Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

vilstef said...

Yes! What you said on all accounts! I'm not crazy about Crapidshare, but poor as it is it's still better than things like Easyshare or Badongo. I have an allergy about flacs. I can't tell a gnat's eyelash in quality between them and MP3. All they do is increase the download time. No flac file says on my computer any longer than it takes me to convert it.

Stephen said...

People who think they notice a difference in 320 Kbps mp3s are totally nuts, but nonetheless, if either format has to be chosen please leave the FLAC format in your damn collection!! You're better off uploading the damn Wav files and zipping them up! Flac is overrated, 320 is Overkill, (no ones ears are that sensitive) 192 is more than sufficient!

Rapidshare sucks takes a good 15-30 mins to download one album on my FIOS connection!!!, megaupload is decent, mediafire is by far the best, takes an epic 30 seconds compared to rapidshares B.S.!

Thx for you Dust Gems, I appreciate your post!

Harmonix said...

Really, Stephen? How is FLAC overrated? You get the same quality as WAV files (it's lossless) in a smaller file size. How is that overrated? You really need to do the research on exactly how FLAC works, which is pretty ingenious. The compressed files actually decode to WAV while being played.

And, it's laughable hearing you say that 192 is decent. The entire ripping game has left 192 CBR in the dust like 3 years ago. Right now, V0 VBR is looking to be the standard with 320 kbps becoming more prevalent. I'm happy that folks are becoming more concerned with audio quality. The day of selling folks 128kbps for $1 are long gone (Itunes) and I'm a happier person for it.

Also, rapidshare, is fast as hell if you pay for an account. They purposefully slow down the free connection speeds, which they tell you on their website. But, in this day an age where you have sites like multiupload and filecreator where you can upload one file to multiple upload sites, you really don't have to choose between rapidshare or mediafire. You can have both.

Especially with filecreator, you can damn near choose all possible upload sites and let your listeners choose which is most preferable for them.

Overall, though, I'm quite happy with whatever Dusty uploads in whatever quality he chooses. Mainly because he really doesn't have to do this and I'm just grateful that he does.

Harmonix said...

And, vilstef, throwing away your FLAC files is not a great idea. Having a FLAC file is literally like having an exact digital copy of the original file.

And, if you can't tell the difference between a 128 kpbs mp3 file and a 320, then, you probably need to upgrade your system or headphones.

I'm not saying to go buy any expensive audiophile system, but, get you some cheap studio monitors (maybe some Behringers or M-Audio's) and a decent external soundcard (not one of those creative joints, maybe an M-Audio or Behringer joints, once again) and you'll notice the difference.

Anonymous said...