Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick Rant

Hey folks,  just need to get something off my chest really quick.

Is it really that hard to upload in high quality mp3 format to a site that doesn't make you jump through hoops to download?  Can we please put rapidshare to rest, along with all of this lossless, .cue, .bin, 240mb .flac file bullshit? 

While I do realize that there are some among us that feel some elitist sense of pride by using some obscure, little-used format in the same way that Emo kids don't realize being different for the sake of being different is just as "phony" as the cool kids they like to make fun of, I have to say its a pain in the ass to spend time searching and downloading only to find out I can't use the files.

And yes, I know .flac isn't that obscure a format, but vs. mp3 or even .wav files it is, and the meager quality increase over mp3 isn't worth having to search for an hour for a  program to burn the damn files only to realize you can't on a Mac unless you get a translator, THEN have to truncate all the  individual song files, tag them, etc.

If I have offended you, please multiply the feeling times 10 and stop with the bullshit.

The End

That said, I've got some more SS nuggets coming up in the next week so stay tuned...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Selected Sound 9066 Magic Colors

Selected Sound 9066 Magic Colors- Gerhard Trede Selection & Flute De Pan

A1 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Magic Colors 3:45
A2 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Albatros 3:54
A3 Flûte De Pan  -  Hombres 2:38
A4 Flûte De Pan  -  Ballad For An Indio 4:19
A5 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Duel In Violet 3:07
A6 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Signet Ring 0:34
B1 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Duel In Violet (Version II) 4:00
B2 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Fatamorgana 3:10
B3 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Perspective 4:04
B4 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Silver Lining 2:45
B5 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Yellow Balloon 2:27
B6 Gerhard Trede Selection  -  Roulette 2:21

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Selected Sound 9079- Kinderland

Selected Sound 9045- Kinderland
Gary Pacific & His Music/Harald Winkler & His Music

1. Sunny Day Man
2. Friends Of Penguin
3. Kinderland
4. Travelling On A Cloud
5. Dance Of Marionettes
6. Fairy-Tale
7. Funny Chase
8. Ringle Dance
9. Time Of Dreams
10. Adventurous World & Little Rich Boy
11. Bug In A Rug
12. Moon-Princess


Selected Sound 9045- Desiree

Selected Sound 9045- Desiree
Roland Kovac (Piano Concertante) & Symphony Strings

1. Desiree
2. Sans Souci
3. Young Love
4. Eleonore
5. Just A Souvenir
6. Veruschka
7. Chateau Brandenburg
8. Comtesse
9. Your Tenderness
10. Lady Hamilton
11. Venus De Milo
12. Daisy


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Selected Sound 9077- Nymphe

Selected Sound 9077- Nymphe
Roland Kovac New Set

1. Nymphe
2. Traumfrau
3. City Of Glass
4. Bass Ahoi
5. Top Wesselton
6. Hammersonate
7. Oiltime
8. Straps
9. Dandy
10. Caution
11. Catcher
12. Fantasia

@ 320 kbps


Selected Sound 9069- Helena

Selected Sound 9069- Helena
Orchestra Roland Kovac

1. Helena
2. Mediterranea
3. Formula 1
4. Mink
5. Chuzpa
6. Suleika
7. Kandahar
8. My Garden
9. Sprint
10. Mary Ann
11. Ice Princess
12. Lido

@320 kbps


Monday, July 20, 2009

Selected Sound 9038- Gulliver

1 Zolotas (2:23)
Sulla Drive (2:30)
3 Dali Mami Bowl (6:30)
4 Gulliver (2:19)
5 Silvie (2:15)
6 Lumpazivagabundus (2:00)
7 Colonel Kraut (1:56)
8 Nouvelles (3:15)
Four Plastic Brothers (2:02)
10 Bajaja (3:20)
11 Teddy (2:50)
12 Hommage A Ludwig Van (2:40)
13 E L L E (2:45)


Selected Sound 9005- Night Drive And Strange World

1. Night Drive 1
2. Night Drive- Just Action
3. Night Drive- I Believe
4. Night Drive- General Alarm
5. Night Drive- Old & Young
6. Night Drive 2
7. Action Man- Mania 1
8. Action Man- Danger Jewels
9. Action Man- Fast Action
10. Action Man- Mines & Fire
11. Action Man- Escape
12. Action Man- Mania 2
13. Birds & Fishes- Crying Fish
14. Birds & Fishes- Bossa Nova Bird
15. Birds & Fishes- Fish In The Sun
16. Birds & Fishes- Fish Meets Bird
17. Birds & Fishes- Singing Fish In Love
18. Birds & Fishes- The Sea Was Too Deep
19. Green Tunnel
20. Glass Birds
21. Catacombs- Cool Blue
22. Catacombs- Frozen Dreams
23. Catacombs- Ghost Mess
24. Catacombs- Face Of Stone


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Selected Sound 9012 Happy Meeting/A Woman Is Born

Selected Sound 9012 Happy Meeting/A Woman Is Born

Bob Elger And His Orchestra:

1. Rally Monte Carlo
2. Costa Del Sol
3. Happy Gonzales
4. Compact Car
5. Happy Meeting
6. Beach Buggy
7. Racing Team
8. Car-Test
9. A Woman Is Born
10. Remember Susie
11. Dance On Venus
12. Door To Paradise
13. Jeunesse Doree
14. Nature Girl


Selected Sound 9010 Children's & Animal's Playtime

Selected Sound 9010 Children's & Animal's Playtime

Ernie Quell & His Music:

1. Merry Party
2. Children's Dance
3. Baby's Holiday
4. Children's Pranks
5. Children's Playtime
6. Children's Waltz
7. Joy Ride

Pietro Leguani And His Orchestra:

8. Grandfa & Grandson
9. Fun In The Zoo
10. Monika
11. Funny Boy 1
12. Easy Trip
13. Traveller
14. Funny Boy 2


Monday, June 29, 2009

New Links

I know it's been awhile but I'm back ya'll. From the death of my audio interface to the birth of my son, it's been a wild ride the last few months but things are finally settled enough to get back to some Dusty Gems business.

I moved everything over to mediafire and the new links are in the comments, plus I've got some new selected sound joints coming in a few days.

Thanks for sticking around folks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So far the response to the blog has been great, thanks for your comments and compliments everyone!

A big thanks to Paul for helping get the word out by making a Dusty Gems post on his stellar blog.

It's been a hectic week but I'm going to try to get some more stuff up in the next few days...maybe some choice Italian library nuggets...

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Selected Sound ST114- Night Hustle

Not one of the often lusted after Selected Sound lps from the "bronze cover" range, but funky not sleep on this one.

320kbps 89mb

Selected Sound SS9040- City Calling, Orchestra Dell Haensch/Rolf Kuehn

Continuing the trend of starting Dusty Gems off right with some classic Selected Sound releases, here we have City Calling with cuts from the Orchestra Delle Haensch and Rolf Kuehn.

320kbps 85mb

Selected Sound SS9059- Riding On A Cloud, Otto Weiss

Another LP from the archive, Otto Weiss' soulful Riding On A Cloud.  Presented at 320kbps. 75mb.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Selected Sound SS9067- Time Signals, Klauss Weiss Rhythm & Sounds

The other of the two most highly sought after Selected Sound albums from Klauss Weiss, Time Signals.  The drums on the first cut let you know what you're in for on this album.

This one is clean at 320kbps. 80mb

No cover or tracklist for this, if anyone out there can help with that it would be greatly appreciated. (thanks to litlgrey for tracking down the cover...)

Selected Sound SS9076- Sound Inventions, Klauss Weiss Rhythm & Sounds

One of the Holy Grails of the Selected Sound library series, the insanely dope Sound Inventions by Klauss Weiss.  So fresh and so clean @ 320kbps.  81mb

Selected Sound SS9028- The Master Said, Roland Kovac New Set

Another classic german library gem from Roland Kovac on the Selected Sound label.  Highly coveted, presented for your enjoyment.  192kbps. 50mb

Selected Sound SS9041- King Size, Roland Kovac

Selected Sound SS9041- King Size, Roland Kovac & the Orf Big Band

If you're looking for this then you know what it is...another funky Selected Sound release from the Master, Roland Kovac.  German library hotness ripped at a crispy clean 320kbps.  76mb

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome to the Dusty Gems Music Blog.

Stay tuned as I'll be posting some of the smoothest, funkiest, jazziest and most classic LPs for all you crate diggers, beatmakers, and real music listeners out there.

I'll think I'll start with some rare library music classics from Germany....