Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Selected Sound 9077- Nymphe

Selected Sound 9077- Nymphe
Roland Kovac New Set

1. Nymphe
2. Traumfrau
3. City Of Glass
4. Bass Ahoi
5. Top Wesselton
6. Hammersonate
7. Oiltime
8. Straps
9. Dandy
10. Caution
11. Catcher
12. Fantasia

@ 320 kbps



SonDu said...

aceha1 said...

Wow! Great share, homie! I'm really glad you came back! Kudos to YOU sir!

janus2810 said...

Ok, Here's the first three:


Pompadour/Puppet Party:



Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful work.
@Janus2810: As I also do have the LP SS13 since the 70ies I reworked the track names and added some high quality covers and uploaded it to eMule (don't have any accound on the blogs and the "usual" download sources). Look there for "Jonny Teupen - Never Gonna Be A Sky-scraper (Selected Sound 13) 12 tracks - 320 kbps + Cover". CU

janus2810 said...

Thanks for tagging and adding pics! I never get the time to do it, I spend all of my time ripping them! Hope people are enjoying them! JP

Calmos said...

@janus : Don't worry, your rip interest a lot of people (just like SonDu's one!) Thanks to both of you!

Ps See you on the Vy forum!

Anonymous said...

sublime stuff..thanks so much for yer time and effort uploading these rare gifts...

SonDu said...

Thanks alot Janus, great stuff!!

Oh to anonymous, I wasn't able to find your files on you possibly post a link?

Thanks all!

litlgrey said...

You people KICK ASS! All of you!

litlgrey said...
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litlgrey said...

The eMule option is not working for me. I tried but was not able to create a server connection.

I got the file names for SS 9013 from, but the names are still begging for 9002 and 9011.

Can someone please 1) provide this information and 2) never post untagged MP3s on the internet ever, ever again? Thanks much, one and all!

janus2810 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
litlgrey said...

Janus, I ask that you please not misunderstand me.

I am extremely appreciative that you are willing to rip and share your albums.

From my side or the the side of anyone downloading the files, however, when there are no tags, we have no way of verifying the track titles or in any way to have a sense of what we are listening to. It is one thing when independent verification can be found on an internet page, but quite another when it can not. It's like going to a supermarket and getting a package called FOOD, and having no way to verify the content.

I understand that your time is very limited ... and I further understand that I am responding to a comment which you have deleted (it came across my feeds reader) ... but I do request that if not yourself, that someone else please assist with providing the names of the tracks on these SS rips. Otherwise it is exceedingly difficult to know what we have here.

Again, Janus, let me thank you for the work you've done to share these much-requested albums.

Moderator said...

You RULE!!!

Thanks x 100000!!!

janus2810 said...

I guess it just irks me. I deleted my previous comment because I thought it was a bit harsh. All in all though, I really feel that I need to say that I notice you commenting on a lot of blogs.

You do say a lot of positive things, BUT, for a guy that for all I can see posts more or less nothing of his own, you have a lot to say about other people's posts.

Much like anything else in life, if you want to piss with the big boys, you have to actually piss with the big boys.

So, post some shit, or shut the fuck up dude.

no offense, blah blah, dont misunderstand me, blah blah


janus2810 said...

by that I mean, shit that you have actually taken the time to rip, from vinyl, the hard way, analog to digital, yourself

litlgrey said...
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litlgrey said...

Dude... umm... a lot of people who are familiar both with me, and with the things I post, and with the material I freely share VIA Soulseek, would tell you that I am one of the most laissez-faire and least confrontational file sharers - in this area of the musical woods - around.

Getting into a confrontational mode with me is going to get you absolutely nowhere, and this is why:

I am a person of excruciatingly limited financial and other means. In 2006, I sold my record collection to pay the rent; the money was gone in two months. I live from paycheck to paycheck, and my expenses eat that up more than half the time. I keep having to beg friends for monetary assistance so I can keep myself and my cat fed. The state of my health is increasingly in the toilet, and I can't afford to see a doctor. I declared bankruptcy last year.

I don't have a turntable or a stereo anymore. Further, over half my CDs were stolen by a former roommate who was a crackhead. If it weren't for the material that other people agree to share as MP3s, people like me would have jack shit all to listen to. I have nothing to rip, and I have nothing to rip it with. Let's be very clear that I am simply not in a position to do such things.

On my blog, I have a couple of albums posted for download including a Chappell DMM or two. To be fair, I even acknowledged that I was not the original poster.

I give back by sharing equitably, by doing diligent internet research to find cover scans and composer attributions and so on, and I play the music others rip and share on internet radio at .

I do what I can with what I have, No one before you has been so insolent as to demand that I have not done enough, and must do more. And without question, no one before you has ever been so arrogant as to declare I have earned no right to participate in the music blogging process, and that I must therefore "shut up."

Let's ignore the fact that DJs and others who have conspired to pump up the prices of Production Library LPs to psychotic proportions, primarily through eBay, think only of THEMSELVES as "the big boys," and drip vicious contempt on those who post their big-ticket items on blogs for FREE. I have no wherewithal to buy this kind of material myself, and I can assure you that this material simply does not pop up in the middle of Ohio with the frequency it does elsewhere. You know what you find here for a dollar? Donny and Marie; Jack Jones; 101 Strings; Tammy Wynette; cuhhhhhntry music samplers for truckers; and "Jesus Music." In other words, BULLSHIT.

You don't know me and you don't know what I do. I'm sorry it isn't enough for you, and I'm doubly sorry you feel that makes me unqualified to discuss the work that others do. But you're not going to get anywhere, anyplace, by attempting to call me out. And you're not going to shut me up either. That I can promise you. My meager finances simply laugh at you, and so does anyone else who would be astonished that you would choose me of all people to single out for a mean-spirited and selfish rant.

janus2810 said...

I'm not suggesting that you can't/shouldn't participate

I'm suggesting that complaining about something you're getting for free is an inherently flawed practice

litlgrey said...

Okay, let me put this request out there ONE MORE TIME.

I request that your yourself, or anyone else with SS 9002, and 9011, please come forward and provide information about the names of the compositions on those albums.

Here are the listings for SS 9013, as per

A1 Never Gonna Be A Sky-Scraper (3:52)
A2 Suspended Love In Chase (5:05)
A3 Don't Show Me No Books, While I'm Drinking (3:41)
A4 Who's The Big Tree Over There (2:14)
A5 Did You See My Children Dancing On The Street? (2:14)
B1 Havanna Moon (3:08)
B2 Waltzing Harp (2:50)
B3 Bossa Nova Romantique (2:25)
B4 Dandy's Walk (1:57)
B5 Minimenuet (2:29)
B6 Ode Billy The Kid (3:00)
B7 Puerta Del Vino (3:40)

Stephen said...

I never seen such an unappreciative scum bag who gets shit for free on the internet, you complain so god damn much! Go purchase the vinyls yourself and RIP THEM yourself, you seriously made a HUGE pointless thread and did not stop bitching until you made sure the blog owner knows that YOU (of all people) want tagged fucking mp3s, GTFO. Ripping Vinyls can be time consuming as is, never mind tagging them...

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! I hope I enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed reading the comments. Thanks for the music!

tripmaster said...

so anybody willing to be so kind as to reup the three rips that janus2810 shared? tagged or untagged is fine with me, thanks!

bobby bong breath said...

sick one

Unknown said...

thank you!