Saturday, July 18, 2009

Selected Sound 9012 Happy Meeting/A Woman Is Born

Selected Sound 9012 Happy Meeting/A Woman Is Born

Bob Elger And His Orchestra:

1. Rally Monte Carlo
2. Costa Del Sol
3. Happy Gonzales
4. Compact Car
5. Happy Meeting
6. Beach Buggy
7. Racing Team
8. Car-Test
9. A Woman Is Born
10. Remember Susie
11. Dance On Venus
12. Door To Paradise
13. Jeunesse Doree
14. Nature Girl



SonDu said...

litlgrey said...

This, along with SS 9017 "Blue Butterfly," epitomizes some of the most awesome work from this label, which truly thrived creatively from 1968 until about... let's say 1974 or 1975. Greatly diminishing returns after that, like just about ALL Library labels had.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO !!! many thanks SonDu !!!

SonDu said...


Agreed. Blue Butterfly has always been one of my favs...I think I'll post it up.


Your very welcome, enjoy and check back in!!

Majus said...

Fantastic blog; thanks for the amazing SS grooves!! I'm searching for a few rare Kovacs: Night Drive & Strange World (SS9005), God Means Joy (SS9022), Gulliver (SS9038) or Desiree (SS9045)... if you have any of these a post would be very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

SonDu said...


Ask and thou shalt

I have Desiree I just need to rip it later on, probably be up tomorrow.

Don't have God Means Joy....yet.

Bob said...

Many Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

could you please post that blue butterfly? ive been searching for that one for ages!


litlgrey said...

Blue Butterfly is widely considered the pinnacle of Selected Sound, and in the middle of their high point, too. If no one posts it, just go to the SoulSeek application. You'd find it there pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I had managed to find a couple of SS rips a few years ago, and thought that was it, but your site is a gold mine, and your hard work is most definitely appreciated (I've ripped many LPs and know what a time-consuming job it can be!)

The track Happy Meeting was used for a promotional flexi-disc in the early 70s, and it can be heard on a wonderful CD called Poppshopping, which features German promotional flexidiscs from the 60s and 70s, including all kinds of German library music

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

thank you!