Saturday, July 18, 2009

Selected Sound 9010 Children's & Animal's Playtime

Selected Sound 9010 Children's & Animal's Playtime

Ernie Quell & His Music:

1. Merry Party
2. Children's Dance
3. Baby's Holiday
4. Children's Pranks
5. Children's Playtime
6. Children's Waltz
7. Joy Ride

Pietro Leguani And His Orchestra:

8. Grandfa & Grandson
9. Fun In The Zoo
10. Monika
11. Funny Boy 1
12. Easy Trip
13. Traveller
14. Funny Boy 2



SonDu said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

janus2810 said...

For anyone who cares, Pietro Leguani is actually Roland Kovac, same with Bob Elgar. JP

litlgrey said...

How, in the name of all that's FUCK, did I never have this before? JEEZ!!!!

Mosfilmprodukt said...

Dear SonDu!
Thank you very much for your hard work! I'm really thankful for getting so many little treasures. May I ask you to please get in contact me briefly? Thank you very much

OBrian said...

Dear SonDu,

may I tell you that, since I was a small child in the late 70s, I've been hearing the Pietro Leguani tracks on German television as some background music, recorded them on a white cassette recorder with big speaker holes and even bigger buttons, listened to it over and over and fell in love with this infectious melody of "Funny Boy", never knowing or having any clue whatsoever what this music actually was.

After t h i r t y years of searching, after writing to every person imaginable (band leaders, record producers, TV companies etc.), posting "wanted" ads with sound links all over the net from my old recordings...

...I found you. Of course I knew Selected Sound as a label before, but NEVER in my life would I have imagined one of my holy grails would be found sometime.

And here it is. The search is over. In brilliant stereo sound quality.

I cannot thank you enough. Hopefully I have enough life ahead of me to find the remaining grails (well, there are quite a number of SS titles and I wouldn't be too surprised now if some of them would turn up there).

THANK YOU and God bless you!!!

D\mitry said...

Oh, thankx brother!