Monday, January 3, 2011

Selected Sound 9023 Folklore & Beat/Easy Guitar

Selected Sound 9023 Folklore & Beat/Easy Guitar- Hans Haider And His Music/Heimo Rhonda And His Music.

A1.  Hans Haider And His Music -Spanish Autumn
A2.  Hans Haider And His Music -Shepherd's Dance
A3.  Hans Haider And His Music -The Man And The Hurricane
A4.  Hans Haider And His Music -Shepherd's Song
A5.  Hans Haider And His Music -Talk Of A Southern Town
A6.  Hans Haider And His Music -Folk-Ballad II
A7.  Hans Haider And His Music -Merry Folk-Dance
B1.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Beach Happening
B2.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -El Arroyo
B3.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Holiday Dream
B4.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Two-Sided
B5.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Soap-Bubbles
B6.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Manolito
B7.  Heimo Rhonda And His Music -Sunshine In Hawaii


SonDu said...

Happy New Year...

Vinyl Room said...

Thank you & Happy New Year.


litlgrey said...

How in the heck did I not have this before??

louisville michael said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot
Will the number 4, 7 ,16 ,26 , 27
follow ??? like i thought it will this summer...

Killa said...

Thank again for sharing these rare albums.. Good thing the post above my is anonymous(What an Ass)

Zer0_II said...

@SonDu:. I just discovered your blog, and I can't believe that I haven't stumbled across it until now. I see that I'm about to learn far more about the Selected Sound label than I ever imagined thanks to you. Thank you for sharing so many rare and amazing releases.

I have been running my own blog for more than four years. It's called Digital Meltd0wn and can be found @ At the moment I am sharing a few of my favorite dark & twisted library LPs. I hope that you will stop by and check it out, and if you have any recommendations for dark library music please leave a comment.

I also run my own blogroll/aggregator @ I plan to add your blog to the library music category as soon as I perform my next round of updates. I was hoping that you might be willing to add my music blog (not the blogroll) to your "Links of Interest" list in return. If you would prefer not to that is fine though.

Thank you once again for all the amazing music you have been sharing here and the hard work you have put in to make it all possible. Take care.


@litlgrey: I thought I would say hello while I'm here, despite the fact that we haven't been formally introduced. You really get around. I see you in the comments section of almost every music blog I visit while hunting for library music. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

hey sorry I'm not logged in right now just wanted to tell you as a music producer from NYC (Bronx) you should list Vintage King Mercenary Audio and Sweetwater as part of you equipment store links all are great spots with good service & between those 3 you can build any size studio you need want or dream of also cool albums i have most library, OST's etc on vinyl i think i own around 100k LP's the vinyl fills every inch of my medium sized Bronx project studio and most of my spot in west new york, NJ anyway check out those gear shops for sure you prob
already know but maybe some people don't ?

Lee Mayzo

will said...

Thanks a bunch!

ronestar said...

SonDu you are the man! These gems are just what I've been looking for.
Can't wait to sample on a few. Thanks for the love and have fun with your son. Peace.