Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back From Limbo

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around and having patience with the blog.  I know its sporadic but I haven't quit,  just been really short on time to rip and upload the quality LPs you expect from Dusty Gems.

Rest assured, I have more Selected Sound pieces to come, all Bronze Covered Groovefests , so stay tuned for those and for info on some upcoming projects I'm working on.

Thanks again for sticking with me, I'll make it worth your while.




tripmaster said...

glad to see you back in action! looking forward to what you have in store for us!

DonHo57 said...

Nice to see you back! I'll be anxious to see what you have in store as well.

Tex said...

Hey, welcome back, man! Good ta see yer ready ta step back in tha ring ta take another swing!

(who is looking forward ta more audiolicious groovieness!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sondu! Nice to see you.
Any chance for "Untamed World" by Gerhard Trede?