Thursday, December 15, 2011

Personal Blog

So finally, after a couple years of having the page on standby, I've found the time to actually write the first post on my personal blog.

Feel free to come thru and comment, converse, critique, chastise, or whatever it is you good people do when reading the rantings of some anonymous stranger on the internet:

Thanks in advance, see you around.


Mr. Craig said...

Hi there,
I see that you consider me a "like mind". I feel the same way and have put you up on the Funky Frolic blogroll. There have been a couple of new library blogs coming out of the woodwork lately and it's great to see (and hear!)

All the best, Mr.Craig.

The Real SonDu said...

Thanks Mr. Craig, I appreciate the support.

And yeah, its great to see all this great library music being shared.

I've got a lot more Selected Sound stuff to rip and post, so stay tuned.


Mr. Craig said...

How did you come by all this SS, if you don't mind me asking?

The Real SonDu said...

I don't mind at all.

I've just gotten lucky over the years honestly. Found a few at some used record stores, snagged some off of ebay, had friends that traveled to Europe pretty frequently that would be on the lookout for me. Any way I could get my hands on them basically.

I've got a stack here I haven't ripped yet that I've never seen online so I should be able to supply some pretty rare ones for a while yet. Plus, I'm always on the hunt for more.

Love your blog by the way, you always have quality stuff on there man.

Majus said...

I'll post here 'cos I can't over there... Good article. Hip hop, like rock or punk, is as much attitude as it is a codified style. There will always be artists on the fringes tearing things up/down and letting in outside influences (e.g. to my mind some of the best hip hop was the Tackhead/Fats Comet/On U Sound axis). All art ossifies when it hits the mainstream; you just have to look farther afield and dig deeper to find the real thing! If you have any recommendations of fresh artists/sounds (or some of your own stuff maybe), post away!