Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Selected Sound 9082 - Stop Talking!

Selected Sound 9082 - Stop Talking! - Mike Moore Company


The Real SonDu said...

Anonymous said...

WOW SonDu, you're da man!! thanks sooo much for this one! This album I.D.'d one tune (which turned out to be the first cut) that i've been trying to ID for years!! Highly appreciated!!

If you could...have a listen to this sound clip and see if you can I.D. any of these library cuts that have been driving me ape for years with no luck.


litlgrey said...

I just don't know how you do it. every time you put up an SS, I don't have it. So weird!

The Real SonDu said...

You're welcome JM, I'm glad I was able to solve that mystery for you. When I get a chance I'll check that clip out and see if I can ID any of the other cuts on there.

And litlgrey...I don't call em' Dusty Gems for

Enjoy fellas.

Pornotrond said...

We enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thanks sondu :) lemme know if you can i.d. any of those when you get a chance.


mhdotcom said...

Selected Sound ST 187 - Power-Pack - Iceland (1986)